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Jeff & Tommy 10 Years

Jeff & Tommy 10 years together

It takes a lot of work, creativity and drive to maintain any relationship.  Everyone knows that.  We certainly have had our share of great days and not so great, like any couple.  We've been blessed to have wonderful family and friends who help us through the tough spots.  We've also been so fortunate to be able to visit many wonderful places together.  We want to revisit each one of them with Carrigan.  Looking back on the past 10 years together helps prepare us for the next 50 years together, this time with Carrigan.

We celebrate two anniversaries each year: May 5, 1996 (our first date) and June 28, 1996 (the first time we confirmed our love for each other). 

June 28 1996: Tommy on the day we said we loved each other: New York City
June 28, 1996: Jeff on the day we said we loved each other: New York City
July 10, 1996: Tommy left Jeff messages on the bathroom mirror
Aug 1996: Tommy cooking
Oct 1996: Our first trip to Asheville in October. Jeff put the camera on a stump and used the remote to take this picture. Tommy reconciled with his father on this day and its been wonderful ever since.
Nov 1996: We gave each other facials in the winter
Dec 23, 1996: Our first Christmas.
Dec 1996: Our first trip to Utah together. We went on a snowmobile treck in Park City.
Dec 1996: Tommy loved Utah and Jeff's family loved Tommy!
Dec 31, 1996: Our first New Year's Eve
1998: Tommy and Mackie share some fun during our trip to Disney World
Nov 1998: Kitty joins our family and she's immediately the second love of our life
Dec 1998: Kitty among the Build A Bear's we prepare to send to Jeff's family in Utah for Christmas
2000: Tommy & Kitty share a quiet moment. Little did we know 6 years later Carrigan would join us!