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Growing Generations Retreat 2006

We attended the Growing Generations retreat with Stefanie (and Carrigan SO close) in Los Angeles June 2 and 3.  Gail, Stuart, Will, Kim and all the others at Growing Generations do a wonderful job guiding us through this journey.  Its a great weekend with very helpful workshops on what to tell our children, how to work with schools, (how to handle Mother's Day!), how to deal with legal issues and how to manage the emotional challenges.  Jennifer Chrisler from Family Pride Coaltion also gave a wonderful speech about the great work they are doing to help families like ours with the current narrow-minded politics of Republicans in power (who are controlled by radical religious bigots...Jeff's comments, not Jennifers!).  It concluded with a great Sunday Gospel brunch at the House of Blues with Jeff somehow ending up on stage dancing with the gospel singer (If anyone has pictures, please email them to us).   

We also attended last year but what a difference a year makes!  Last year we were waiting to be "matched" with a surrogate and we met many men who were well on their way to becoming Dads.  Last year we were nervous and envious of everyone's progress.  This year, we met many new people who were like we were last year...waiting, nervous and thrilled with our news that Carrigan will be born in August.  

We talked with many men who have not been as blessed as we have been.  Our hearts went out to several men who have been trying six or more times with two or more surrogates.  Some have been on this journey for three or more years.  What's amazing is this: all of them will stay on the journey to becoming a Dad...and they will succeed.  When their baby is born there will be NO doubt that each child was absolutely wanted, each child loved. 

The world would be a better place if every child was as wanted and loved.

Stefanie (and Carrigan) looking great!
Jeff, Stefanie (Carrigan) and Tommy
Stefanie (Carrigan) and Tommy on hotel rooftop before dinner. They look cool...but it was a very hot day!
We met new friends Doug and John from Atlanta...they are starting their journey to becoming Dads.
Jeff, Stefanie and Tommy so close to Carrigan!
Tommy waiting for Carrigan to kick
Dozens of Dads to be attended the Growing Generations retreat. Every one has an amazing story about their journey to becoming a parent.
What's not to love about Tommy!