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Feb 11, 2009
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July 25, 2007 Carrigan is 1 year old
June 24, 2007

March 2, 2007
Dec 21, 2006
October 31, 2006
Sep 18, 2006
Aug 19, 2006
Aug 4, 2006
Jul 28, 2006
Jul 25, 2006: Carrigan is born

Tommy called Stefanie this afternoon (Tuesday July 25, 2006).  Stefanie said she was feeling miserable and she could tell that Carrigan had dropped lower in her abdomen.  She was going to her scheduled doctor appointment but she felt that labor was beginning.  She called back after the doctor visit where she learned she is 2.5 cm dialated and starting to efface.  The doctor told Stefanie that she would have Carrigan before her next appointment Tuesday.  Stefanie knows from experience that when she's dialated 3 cm that we should expect Carrigan to be born within 24 hours! 

SO.....we are are on the next flight to LAX early tomorrow morning to (HOPEFULLY) be in the hospital as our Carrigan is born.

No more days to go...just hours...the clock and our hearts are ticking faster and faster!

So, this is our quick update.  We'll post more information and pictures as soon as we can.  Meanwhile, we thought the time was right to let you read the very special letter Jeff's mother, Myrtle Carrigan Littlefield, wrote to Carrigan in December 2005 (before we knew "Bean" was Carrigan). 

A magical and special time with words from a very special and loving women in our lives. 

Next time, (with God's blessings and great medical care), we'll have pictures of Carrigan!

Jul 9, 2006

June 28, 2006

June 19, 2006

June 16, 2006

June 11, 2006
May 24, 2006
Many of you tracking our progress on / have asked to be able to see previous views of our home page.  This scrapbook is for that.  Over time, we'll work to go backward in time and post pictures of past home pages and we'll keep them updated as new home pages are updated.  Thanks for the feedback!

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May 10, 2006: Kitty sneaks into Carrigan's clothes while Tommy washes and folds them.