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Carrigan's crib

After we tell friends we are pregnant (and wait while they process through exactly how Tommy and Jeff are having a baby) their next question is usually:

What will the nursery look like? 

We then say that the walls are big squares painted with seven shades of taupe.  At this point, people are sure we are crazy since the color taupe (or beige) is usually not exciting...and never used in a baby's room.  Well, we have a modernist point of view and as you can see from the model picture on the left, it should be anything but boring.  We will post new pictures here as the room takes shape. 

On to the exciting tale of "seven shades of taupe."

First, Tommy painted the walls.  This was before we even knew we were pregnant.  But not wanting to move too fast (or mess up any sort of Karma) we have slowly added elements.  We decided right away that the main theme (after "The Taupe") would be Teddy Bears and all sort of soft materials like Teddy Bears.  Our trip to Los Angeles right after the first ultrasound, we went to Century City mall for lunch and dropped into Baby Gap.  We bought a half-dozen tiny, soft Teddies that have a giggle chip in them and Kitty is sure they ALL belong to her!  We put the Teddies on a day bed we put in the nursery the daddies will use for those late morning, afternoon, night naps while Bean rests.  Tommy found a netting to put over the bed and a soft comforter that is almost like the softest Teddy Bear material around.  This is what it looks like:

On some TV show we saw an artist paint a poem as a border on a wall and we thought it was a great idea.  Tommy was searching the Internet and found a place that offers a long list of quotes and poems you can choose...or you can write your own.  Then, you select your font and size and they print a roll in which you can apply the letters to the wall.  Cool technology.  So, we wrote a poem together that says:

"Your daddies had a dream...and along came you. You are living proof...our fairy tale came true."

Tommy applied a portion of the poem to each of the four walls near the crown molding.  It really looks great and warms up the room:

Tommy found a great chest/changing station in Charlotte.  He borrowed Mark M.'s truck, drove up and brought it back.  The drawers on the bottom are great for the baby's clothing, the changing station on top is just the right height, and the hutch above it is great for holding Teddy bears and other cute stuff.  The sign hanging from the drawer knob is from Jeff's niece Marci which says:

Dream The Impossible

We love that gift and quote.  We are living that dream.  Also notice the creepy tail-less, arm-less chipmunk on the top shelf. That is Jeff's most treasured "Chippy" from his youth.  It joins the other animals (and scares all of us a little bit).  But Jeff loves Chippy so there's no losing him:

Tommy swims in a sea of pink getting Carrigan's clothes ready
We now have the crib set up!
A couple of Jeff's old baby outfits hang proudly over the day bed.
The changing station stands ready for diapering.
Tommy's old bassinet cover drapes a small table to the right of the crib.
On a trip through Las Vegas, we found an Ann Geddes baby clothing store in the new Wynn hotel.  We know about her wonderful pictures of children with objects in nature...but we didn't know she helped design clothing.  Turns out...that was her only store thus far!  What cute stuff.  Of course, we immediately saw the Teddy Bear outfit and got it.  It even has stuffing in the belly to make our baby look more Teddy like.  The clothing following that was found by Tommy through the Internet:
Ann Geddes Teddy Bear outfit
Jeff loves the iPod baby onesie
Of course we had to buy a little more clothing for Carrigan...she won't wear the same thing twice for several months...

more to come...