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Tommy's family

Tommy's grandparents: J T and Clara Starling-married 64 years

J T Starling 1922-2006: Tommy's grandfather

July 8: For the past two weeks life transitions have been taking all of our time. Sorry we haven't updated the site lately. 

Tommy has been with his family in Hendersonville, North Carolina doing what he could to help his grandmother "Ma" as his grandfather "Pa", JT Starling, slipped away.  Pa passed away with dignity and grace this weekend.  To Tommy, Ma & Pa are like second parents.  Pa will be sorely missed.  

Jeff visited with his family and parents in Utah to celebrate his mother's 87th birthday.  Jeff went to be with Tommy, Ma & Pa in Hendersonville and was able to be with the family as Pa passed away quietly in his home. 

Layla Sadie-Lee Starling - Carrigan's cousin born June 30, 2006

Less than a week before Pa passed away, Tommy's brother Brandon and his girlfriend Laura gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Layla Sadie Lee Starling.  We're thrilled that Layla and Carrigan will be close cousins nearly the same age!  What was wonderful is that Pa was able to see and touch Layla before passing away. 

Pa told Tommy just days ago how happy he was that we were having Carrigan and to "take care of that baby of yours." 

We will Pa.  We will.  We love you.

Ma & Layla Sadie-Lee on day of Pa's funeral
Ma rocking Layla Sadie-Lee
Layla Sadie-Lee Starling: Carrigan's sweet cousin
Ma & Layla share a quiet moment
Brandon (Tommy's brother) & Laura: Layla's parents
Ma, Layla and Tom (Tommy's father)
Ma's sister Phyllis and husband Ken
Ma's sister Annivee with her husband Harry in background
Pa's brother Keith and Ma's sister Rachel
Tommy's father Tom
Tommy's aunt Bonnie
Tommy's uncle David
Kyle (Tommy's cousin) and Brandon (Tommy's brother)
Ma's sister Diane
Lucretia & David (Tommy's aunt and uncle)
Cassie & Bill (Tommy's step-sister and her husband)
Ma & George share a welcome laugh on day of Pa's funeral
Suzanne: Ma's dear friend
Tommy with wooden church that Pa made for his church
Church that Pa made now serves as collection holder at the church
Brandon, Tom & Tommy
Tommy with his aunt Bonnie
Tommy, his mother Donna and brother Brandon
Brandon with his friend Chuck at Pa's graveside
Pa was honored with a 21-gun salute for his service in the Navy during World War II