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Announcement Day


Announcement day


We're pregnant!
We invited a bunch of friends and co-workers (who are friends/family) to our home Sunday December 11, 2005.  We have several parties a year and this was going to be our little Holiday gathering.  No one (except for our friend Dwayne) knew we would be making a surprise announcement that day.  It was a beautiful and warm day so we asked everyone to join us outside for a toast and cheer.  Jeff started off by thanking everyone for being such good friends, wished them a wonderful Holiday and acknowledged the troops and their families during this difficult time.  While this is heart felt, it was more to make it even more of a surprise when Jeff then turned to Tommy, who screamed "WE'RE PREGNANT...we are going to have a baby!"  There was complete silence for several seconds while our friends processed these unexpected words.  THEN, their faces looked shocked...then happy...then many with tears.  We explained a little of the process and told them we were two weeks pregnant.  The rest of the party was spent sharing tears and stories about the start of our baby journey...