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Mackie at 10 years old

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Jay and Kevin
Pat, Matthew and Chloe
Tommy, Dwayne & Jeff
Megan & Jason
Mark & Mark
Mark, Bryan and daughters (and dog)
Bryan introduced us to Growing Generations. These are his beautiful twins, Ariana Grace and Emma Rose
Ryland, Jeff & Mark
Mark S next door to us in New Orleans
Phillip in New Orleans
Tommy & David
Tom & Cary
George and Kathleen
Jake & Marian
No, that's not a stuffed animal...Mackie with her new cutie dog "Brutus Lee"!
Our first love - Kitty
Kitty immediately assumed Bean's new bear chair from Babystyle was hers! I think Kitty, as the older sister, is staking out her turf. I guess they can share the bear.
Spence and Jake
Jonah, Daren, Heather & Annabelle
Alli (cutie pie)
Annabelle & Heather
Patti, Tom, Myrtle, Vicki & Jeff
Holly & Audri
Sam &Spence
Alli (sleepy pie)
Chad & Kami
Holly & Mitch
Debbie, Lexi and Nate
Jeff's nephew Tom
Daren & Annabelle
Rylie (smiley!)
Annabelle & Jenni
Patti & Norm
Brandon, Donna & Tommy
Ma, Brandon and Tom
Ma & Tommy
Tommy & Pa
Tommy & Donna
Jeff, Tommy & Donna
Tommy's niece Mackie (growing up so fast!)