Carrigan is 5!
Carrigan having fun on cruise ship water slide
Carrigan celebrates her 5th birthday dancing in St. Mark's square in Venice Italy
Carrigan at age 3

NEW VIDEOS of CARRIGAN!  We are now posting short videos of Carrigan below.  You can also find them on YouTube - click here or when in YouTube search using "Starfield100".

Also, we often post new pictures of Carrigan on our MobileMe site.

If you're having a bad this!

Long time since update.  We've been busy.  Carrigan still loves Montessori school and, hard to believe, she starts Kindergarten next month (yikes).  She went skiing for first time in Utah in January and we most recently visited Italy, Greece and Turkey.  For awhile there, she was telling everyone she was going to "Italy, Greece and Chicken!"  So funny.  She is full of life and joy.  Tommy's blog has thousands of readers: And with Facebook, y'all stay up with Carrigan in many ways.  I'll try to update this more often.  Summary:  loving life...loving Carrigan! 


(Above) Carrigan dances with harmonica.

(Below) Carrigan asks if everyone in the magazine is Barrack Obama:  "Is this Barack Obama?"

Our journey with Carrigan

(updated July 29, 2011):

We became fathers!

Our little girl Carrigan was born July 25, 2006.  We've created this space to share our experience with you. After five years of challenges and setbacks, we found a path 18 months ago.  Working with a great agency, selecting the anonymous egg donor, finding the perfect gestational surrogate, a whole lot of science from wonderful people, nine months with a lot of support and love from friends, family and co-workers...and now our miracle daughter is with us!

Be part of our experience by sharing this amazing time with us.

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